New HellsBelles video ‘Abysinnian Demesne’ released

Manchester, England +++ @HellsBelles_UK +++

The first in a series of new HellsBelles videos has just gone up on YouTube.

Direct link:

‘Abysinnian Demesne’ (radio edit) is the first episode in the new chapter of the band, with an extended edit versioon of the track, in glorious technicolour, slated for public release via YouTube on Sunday 25th September 2011.

The video was directed by Steve Fitzhulme on location in Manchester, England.

The band is currently working in the studio on new material and will be filming segments for the next promo videos during the Fall of 2011.

More news to follow…


About HellsBelles - theoriginalhellsbelles

The original 'Hell's Belles' - the British heavy rock band - now revamped and reformed as 'HellsBelles' - the one and only...
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