HellsBelles releases second ‘band cut’ video for ‘Joe Hill’

HellsBelles, the British heavy metal band, has just released the second of two promo videos for new single ‘(Why Did They Kill) Joe Hill’ on YouTube and Vimeo.

The video of the band members was filmed in Manchester, England, by film director Steve Fitzhulme.

The ‘band cut’ version follows the ‘story version’ released last week (10th November 2011) which is already receiving wide critical acclaim across the web.

HellsBelles’ vocalist and guitarist, Paul Quigley, who wrote ‘(Why Did They Kill) Joe Hill’ commented: “Yet again, Steve and the team peformed wonders and did us all proud. This song warranted a particular look and feel to do the song and its sentiment justice, and as usual, everyone at Team HB and 2bm delivered. We’re all very proud.”

Steve Fitzhulme of 2bm added: “Paul’s song needed a particular atmosphere to capture the feelings in the lyrics and in the narrative. The band’s sombre mood to the sentiment lends itself perfectly to this particular cut. It’s great working with this band as they know exactly how they want to portray everythig, and the actors and expertise we worked with, Rob Ireland, Ian Lomas, Rachael Pollard, Rory Connell and Sharon Sweenty, such a raft of talent, is now there for all to see in this great HellsBelles song. We’re looking forward to it being received as well as all the others. Roll on the next one.”

HellsBelles are currently in the studio working on the next album, with a third single and video slated for release in the New Year.

For more information, contact HellsBelles via the ‘Contact’ page.


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The original 'Hell's Belles' - the British heavy rock band - now revamped and reformed as 'HellsBelles' - the one and only...
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