HellsBelles Wins Final Of Radio Meltdown’s ‘Death Match’ Song Contest Awards

British Metal Band HellsBelles Wins 'Death Match' Award from Radio Meltdown

Radio Meltdown Awards Honours for Songwriting to HellsBelles’ Paul Quigley for ‘(Why Did They Kill) Joe Hill

Independent Internet Radio Station Radio Meltdown named HellsBelles as Winners of its ‘DEATH MATCH’ Contest to be hailed as top ‘Friends of the Station’ last night.

In a play-off final, HellsBelles acoustic classic ‘(Why Did They Kill) Joe Hill’ written by Paul Quigley, the original version without accompaniment won the award.

Commenting on the accolade, lead singer and guitarist Paul Quigley said: “We are delighted to have won top place in Radio Meltdown’s “DEATH MATCH” Awards and would like to thank DJ Whiplash and all the great disc jockeys at the station for their ongoing support. We truly appreciate this award and look forward to collaborating with the station going forwards.”

Radio Meltdown can be found at www.radiomeltdown.org and via Winamp at


About HellsBelles - theoriginalhellsbelles

The original 'Hell's Belles' - the British heavy rock band - now revamped and reformed as 'HellsBelles' - the one and only...
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1 Response to HellsBelles Wins Final Of Radio Meltdown’s ‘Death Match’ Song Contest Awards

  1. Poison_Venom says:

    Congratulation Paul, you truly deserved this award! I’m really one of your biggest fangirls ever and will die one. I just love your music!!
    Love ye guyz xxx

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