HellsBelles – Joe Hill (band cut)

HellsBelles, the British heavy metal band, has just released the second of two promo videos for new single ‘(Why Did They Kill) Joe Hill’ on YouTube and Vimeo.

The video of the band members was filmed in Manchester, England, by film director Steve Fitzhulme.

The ‘band cut’ version follows the ‘story version’ released last week (10th November 2011) which is already receiving wide critical acclaim across the web.

HellsBelles’ vocalist and guitarist, Paul Quigley, who wrote ‘(Why Did They Kill) Joe Hill’ commented: “Yet again, Steve and the team peformed wonders and did us all proud. This song warranted a particular look and feel to do the song and its sentiment justice, and as usual, everyone at Team HB and 2bm delivered. We’re all very proud.”

Steve Fitzhulme of 2bm added: “Paul’s song needed a particular atmosphere to capture the feelings in the lyrics and in the narrative. The band’s sombre mood to the sentiment lends itself perfectly to this particular cut. It’s great working with this band as they know exactly how they want to portray everythig, and the actors and expertise we worked with, Rob Ireland, Ian Lomas, Rachael Pollard, Rory Connell and Sharon Sweenty, such a raft of talent, is now there for all to see in this great HellsBelles song. We’re looking forward to it being received as well as all the others. Roll on the next one.”

HellsBelles are currently in the studio working on the next album, with a third single and video slated for release in the New Year.

For more information, contact HellsBelles via the ‘Contact’ page.

HellsBelles – Joe Hill (story cut)

British rock band release landmark single and videos to mark launch of new material

Manchester, England/ November 6, 2011 — HellsBelles, the original British heavy metal band founded in 1984 has just released a new single “Why Did They Kill) Joe Hill’ – together with two new promo videos for the song on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

The new videos, filmed on location in South Dakota, mark a major new departure for the band, moving into new areas of music as well as their tradional Eighties British heavy roots.

Songwriter Paul Quigley commented “I’ve had this little gem of a song up my sleeve for over three years now, and it was about time it was released to an unsuspecting world to wake them all up a bit out of their slumber.”

The current video, with its cast of renowned actors and actresses, was filmed by Steve Fitzhulme on location, with the band shots filmed in Manchester.

Commenting on the videos, Steve said: “This video cut was particularly challenging because the weather was a major factor in whether we got the shots done before the heavens opened. I think we managed it.” Steve’s YouTube channel is at twoblindmen and HellsBelles’ YouTube channel is at HellsBellesYTChannel.

The second ‘band’ video is slated for release 13th November 2011.

Abyssinian Demesne (longer cut)

The video, shot on location in Manchester, England,was produced by film director Steve Fitzhulme and features a timewarp cameo appearance by lead singer Paul Quigley in 1984. The first in a series of new HellsBelles videos has just gone up on YouTube.

Abyssinian Demesne (radio edit)

‘Abysinnian Demesne’ (radio edit) is the first episode in the new chapter of the band, with an extended edit versioon of the track, in glorious technicolour, slated for public release via YouTube on Sunday 25th September 2011. The video was directed by Steve Fitzhulme on location in Manchester, England.

Paul Quigley starring in the Girlschool MTV promo video ’20th Century Boy’ 1984

Paul starred opposite actress Claire Davenport who acted as his mother is both the Girlschool videos, herself starring in Hollywood blockbuster Star Wars – Return of the Jedi , Fawlty Towers and a host of TV shows. Paul recalls: “Claire was a wonderful person to work with, so kind and generous of spirit, the filming was always an absolute joy when Claire was around, me and the girls all got on so well together with her too, it was simply a fantastic experience. Claire became a good friend after the filming shoots were done and yes, we will miss her”. Claire Davenport passed away in 2002. “Sadly, Kelly (Johnson) too passed away a couple of years ago, she too was such a beautiful person, a talented guitarist, and a good friend.”

Paul Quigley starring in the Girlschool MTV promo video for ‘Play Dirty’ 1984

After the runaway popularity of the “20th Century Boy” video on MTV, one of the first rock videos to go on a repeated daily rotation,  MTV asked for acting team to be reassembled for another classic rock promo video, the follow-up sequel “Play Dirty” filmed in late Novemver 1983 in locations across London, England. “This was one of the more surreal days you could ever experience,” Paul recalls, “one minute fighting with Olympic light heavyweight boxer Billy Knight at Repton Boys Club in East London, next day, in some Lord’s posh Mayfair penthouse bachelors pad at dinner with Girlschool and Claire Davenport dressed as e metal MILF! Awesome!”  and of course, Paul is the only man on Planet Earth to have a screen kiss with Kelly Johnson. during the dream sequence. “I am indeed a lucky man” he says, “God bless you Kelly.”


Excerpt from Girlschool’s ‘Play Dirty’ video on U.S. comedy show ‘Beavis and Butthead’

Paul recalls of filming for ‘Play Dirty’, “As you can see, we had such a good time filming the video. My fellow fighter in the video, Olympic medallist boxer Billy Knight was from South London too, where I lived at the time. We used to bump into each other down Walworth Road all the time when we were rehearsing at Terminal. He was a diamond geezer, top drawer, loved the man, such a joy to work with in the boxing ring, and yes, it hurt.”

Surprise to see that the Americans picked up on this one for Beavis & Butthead, but such a funny take on the sequence, we were proud to let them use it – and yes, it was a dude. And yes, the nads are still fully functional and ready to ROCK! :-)”.

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